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Überlord Live At The Marquee

Überlord Live At The Marquee

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The band Überlord first appeared in EBC #125.

Überlord are:

Vocals/rhythm guitar: Daniel Hearsh

Lead guitar: Jesús Ortéga

Bass guitar: Todd Hopkins

Drums: Harry Westshire

Past members:

Lead guitar: J.S. Bach (1982-1995)

Bass guitar: Phil Newton (1982-1983)

Bass guitar: Steve Johnson (1983-2005)

Drums: Chris Redmond (1982-1988†)


Music Made For Torture (1983); Pit Of Demons (1985); The Gates Of Hell (1987); End Of The Story (1991); Red And White And Blue (1994); Sulfur (1996); The Broken Drawbridge (1999); Age Of The Machines (2004); Hollywood Strikes Back! (2009); I Shall Reign (2012); Vote For Lucifer (2016)

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They had to reissue their latest effort, "Vote for Lucifer", because Donald Trump sued them for depicting him on the original cover art.

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