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What If Media Companies Treated Music Like Movies And TV?

#125: What If Media Companies Treated Music Like Movies And TV?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

They actually make dubbed versions of stupid pop songs, and musicals of course. But I've never ever heard a dubbed Metal song. There's a great German Metal band called J.B.O., and they do German cover versions of English Metal songs, but with special, funny lyrics -- for example, "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth becomes "Symphonie der Verstopfung" ("Symphony of Constipation").

But of course, that's not what this comic is about. It's about stupid media companies who don't want my money -- they won't allow me to buy movies and TV series in the original language until the dubbed German version is out, even if I prefer the original.

By the way, "Ucayali" is one of the rivers that make up the... Amazon!

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The French version, "Je vais rouler," has blue text on it.

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September 2011: On Acebook or somewhere else on the web, your favorite band announces that they‘ll release a new album in a few days.
But when you try to buy it online, you find that you won't be able to do so, neither on CD nor as a digital download.
They will even filter the video sites to make sure you're not even able to watch videos the band releases [Note: This is not part of the "What If," because it already happens every day!]
December 2013: Your country's subsidiary of the record company releases a dubbed version. The singer doesn't match the genre. But now they'll allow you to buy the original -- for twice the original price.


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