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#200 Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Here it is! One of the largest EBC strips to date. Photoshop automation and some Python scripting helped making the giant wall of comics (EBC #1 through #199), while our heroes were added by traditional digital drawing.

Please be patient, it may take a while to load.

200 strips are done, so let's raise our glasses for the next 200.

See you tomorrow!
Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#180 Avengers Assemble Avengers Assemble "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight." The way we know Marvel, they won't let anyone stop them from throwing some books on the market during one of their ten events per years that are extremely hard to get your hands on and contain colorful, confusing crossovers. In extremely rare cases, you'll find characters in these crossovers that do not originate in the Marvel Universe, but for instance (like here) in the DCU. In this 180th EBC strip we meet Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) as a member of the Avengers.

I am very happy to have this guest strip by my son Leon, just a few days before the Avengers movie hits theaters!
#160 Be It Guest Strip Or Not Be It Guest Strip Or Not Welcome to the largest EBC strip ever! It's a day later than announced because it took some time to finish it.

NOTE: The image is too large to be displayed on the iPhone (and maybe other devices), so here's a mobile version. Use your browser's Back Button to return to the site. In the long run, I'll add a mobile site, but for now, this workaround will have to do. [UPDATE: There's an optional feature now for a comic to consist of more than one image. I used it here, and this should fix the problem for now.]

I asked my son to do a guest strip, but he didn't have an idea. So we asked ourselves what kinds of guest strips our friends from Metrotopia would create, and here are some of the results. Leon created all the guest strips, while I drew the background story.

First in line is Jerry Fallout who shows us a fine day he spent at the Metrotopia Zoo with his best friend, Spacebot 4000. As it seems, he's not that into orthography.

Next up is Jimmy Nesbitt a.k.a. Pimple Faced Teen with a classic hero story featuring... himself. Back in EBC #95, his name was given as "Nigel Nesbitt." Well, his full name is James Nigel Nesbitt, jr., and while he prefers to be called Jimmy in the Standard EBC universe, he goes by Nigel in the Alternate or "What If" universe. Fun fact: Once P.F.T. has mucles, he doesn't have pimples any more.

The third strip is by our hero Hype... ehm, Clyde Barker. He wants to distract his fellow Metrotopians from Hyperman's true identity. But must the glovemaker really be the one they're looking for if his fingerprints are found on the gloves he made?

Fat Zap buys a pencil and other equipment at the local toy store, and then he depicts himself as a racing dog who wins the race and gets a large bone. Well done, Fat Zap!

The last one is by the Weather Guys who introduce their latest member, Plane. They actually use Plane's condensation trails to draw their own, very Shakespearean, guest strip.

Some day, we might actually do a real Guest Strip Contest -- keep your eyes open.
Barker, Clyde; Cloud #1; Cloud #2; Cloud #3; Fallout, Jerry; Fat Zap; Lightning; Pimple Faced Teen; Sun
#137 Blackest Knight -- 13[3]7 Blackest Knight -- 13[3]7 Today is the 42nd(!) birthday of Monty Python, so I simply had to throw in this one, especially with the number 137 (the real 1337 is still a few years away, though).

Sorry I couldn't finish a comic yesterday; it took quite some time to scan Leon's 24-Hour comic.
#115 What if DC Comics became completely like Marvel? What if DC Comics became completely like Marvel? Take a look at this little cover gallery to see what DC would be like if they became Marvel all the way:

They still would do a complete reboot using their most important characters, but in an additional/alternate "Ultimate Universe." So the first cover is "Ultimate Superman," of course.

Next up is a "Fear Itself" tie-in miniseries featuring Flash.

Then we have a "What If Classic" trade paperback, apparently featuring "What if Bruce Wayne became Superman?"

The last one is "House Of S," a story that shatters a large part of the DCU as we know it.

Disclaimer: If you've been reading EBC for a while, you know I really like both Marvel and DC. Over the years, both have had great stories, artwork, and characters, and some of the finest writers and artists have worked for one or even both of them.

See you guys on Monday with more adventures from Ancient Rome.
#114 Reading English, Hearing Latin Reading English, Hearing Latin Oh dear, what now? Hope Terry and the Doctor will be back soon! We'll see on Monday, tomorrow is "What If" day. 80s Moviegoer who looks like Jerry; Fallout, Jerry; Roman Farmer; Spacebot 4000
#100 100 Characters From 100 Comics 100 Characters From 100 Comics All of the characters celebrating EBC #100 in the Metrotopia Amphitheater are from the Other Stuff section. The long description, detailing each character, will follow tomorrow night because this thing already took the whole weekend to draw.

Update -- here's the description/character list I promised (it took a day longer because the Other Stuff items didn't have individual URLs before):

Above/behind the arena, we can see Jerry Fallout as Superman and Spacebot 4000 as Batman from the Energy Brain League, followed by the real Batman and the real Superman (in their original colors this time; they can also be found here and even here).

In the top row of the arena itself, from left to right: Spider-Man, Dr. Mankid and his assistant, Zombie Punk, Pimple Faced Teen as Green Lantern and Terry Boldface as Flash, Hulk: White, Monty and Gilbert Fallout.

2nd row of the arena (from top, left to right): Tux and Snowball from Supertux, Toaster Dragon, Mortimer Watson and his butler Henry, Cthulhu, the unmarried non-couple, and the Fantastic Four (Reed Richards, Susan Storm-Richards, Johnny Storm R.I.P., Ben Grimm). Mr. Fantastic is snatching popcorn from a guy in the row in front of him...

3rd row: The video game characters Lara Croft, Mario (holding his plumber thing under her nose!), Pac-Man, Link, Pinky the Ghost (tickled by Link), Donkey Kong, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The rest of the row is occupied by the TOS vs. TNG guys: Undecided guy, TOS guy (doesn't he look like Ned Flanders?), Voyager guy, and TNG guy.

4th row: Pirate Santa, Police Chief Train (also in EBC#27 and #28), the Dancing Rabbitz, the Rock Band (drummer, guitar player, singer), and news anchor Pran Salan dressed as James Bond. Why the heck is the drummer slapping the Willy Millowitsch rabbit?

5th row: Jack Thompson, Leon Kersken, Mr. Sushi (wondering where Kasper the Clown is), Diver and Gourmet Crocodile, the Mouth Guy (receiving cereals using his special method), the Nerd who wants to be a hero, Yoshi, Sascha Kersken, Math Nerd and Cookie Monster.

6th row: Snobble-headed man, or snobble dressed as a man, Giovanni/Pizza Man, Sid, Manny, and Diego from Ice Age (with the ice-cream from "Ice Age 4: Straciatella"), Mr. Iceblock from Supertux (see EBC #25), and the International Guys (Hiroshi Yamamoto from Japan, John Jackson from the United States, Sir Edward Overlord III from the United Kingdom, Jean-Luc Delacour from France, and Hermann von Strotz from Germany).

7th row: Centboy and Dollarman, Doodle and "Roddenberry" from Doodle Jump, two Snobbles (Dr. Snobble and Dobedobedo Snobble), two strange Eye Guys, the Falling Guy, the Fit Body Man, the stick figure, and another strange guy.
#43 Making A 24-Hour Comic Making A 24-Hour Comic The Comic Nerd obviously gets his comic done in time, while I have failed. I'm still going to finish the work I started, though, and you'll be able to see it on this website. I just have to ask for a little bit of patience. Comic Nerd
#39 Making of EBC Making of EBC Wish I really had such a large monitor. I like my MacBook, but at 13" it's a bit too small for making comics. Kersken, Leon; Kersken, Sascha