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#200 Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Here it is! One of the largest EBC strips to date. Photoshop automation and some Python scripting helped making the giant wall of comics (EBC #1 through #199), while our heroes were added by traditional digital drawing.

Please be patient, it may take a while to load.

200 strips are done, so let's raise our glasses for the next 200.

See you tomorrow!
Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#190 A Time For Velociraptors A Time For Velociraptors A guest strip by my son Leon (thanks again!) It's two days late because it took him a while to finish it, but I think it was absolutely worth the wait. Tomorrow we'll resume with the regular EBC where Dr. Mysterious and his assistant are still in the year 2067.

Here's what Leon himself has to say about his comic:

"It's been a long time since I last had the pleasure of creating a guest strip. And I have to admit that I'm very excited. "Jurassic World" was one of my favorite movies this year, and I think that it received too much undeserved criticism.

In this comic we find Owen Grady showing off his raptors to a largely unimpressed audience, consisting of Claire and her nephews.

Owen's reaction to their behavior is not particularly pleasant, to say the least.

See you tomorrow!"
Blue; Charlie; Dearing, Claire; Delta; Echo; Grady, Owen; Mitchell, Gray; Mitchell, Zach