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#219 Put Your Breakfast Where Your Mouth Is Put Your Breakfast Where Your Mouth Is So, here's the new comic. Jerry is STILL hungry after all the food he had for breakfast. Something pretty serious seems to be going on, so Spacebot may be right in worrying. And they still keep saying the same things they've been talking about for a few strips. This has to stop, and it will, I promise. The next comic, however, will be a guest strip by Leon.

Good night.
Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#216 Looking For Food In All The Wrong Places Looking For Food In All The Wrong Places Jerry's hunger seems to get worse and worse. As they don't have any Paychips yet, they have to settle for this place that offers two free drinks and an unlimited supply of free peanuts. The downside? This absolutely crazy place is hovering above the city, and when you sit on a barstool like Jerry and Spacebot, there's only thin air between you and the ground, some 200ft. below.

While drawing this one, we listened to the album "AM" by the Arctic Monkeys. I'd consider it one of the best indie rock albums because of its anthemic melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.
Bartender at the Spacebar; Fallout, Jerry; Female Patron at the Spacebar; Male Patron at the Spacebar; Spacebot 4000
#213 The Pizza Incident?! The Pizza Incident?! While Monty seems to have found something interesting in the living room, Chandler has his own problems in the kitchen. Even in the year 2067, neither ovens nor frozen pizza seem to have become foolproof. Not that Chandler is a fool, but still...

We listened to Dream Theater's brand new epic rock opera "The Astonishing" which came out today, before and during the creation of this comic, repeatedly. A dystopian science fiction story set in the year 2285, and it reminds you of The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and the like. It is truly cinematic, and if you have the chance, you should catch one of the upcoming live shows in which they will perform this masterpiece in its entirety. We certainly will. The band is at the very top of their creativity, James LaBrie effortlessly assumes the roles of seven different characters, and the musical craftsmanship is beyond any doubt. Musically, "The Astonishing" is quite reminiscent of their earlier albums like "Scenes From A Memory" or "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence." We really have nothing but love and admiration for this band, and the release of this album certainly adds a new chapter to their already impressive body of progressive musical work.
80s Moviegoer who looks like Jerry; Boldface, Terry; Dr. Mysterious; Leisure Suit Guy; T35-M-X
#212 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Guess Who's Coming To Dinner So, we finally meet Monty, Dr. Mysterious, and Terry again. We last saw them in EBC #198 where Chandler, the mechanic in the year 2067, invited them to stay at his place over night. Here's the first glimpse of a future apartment. Nothing too extraordinary yet, wouldn't you agree? 80s Moviegoer who looks like Jerry; Boldface, Terry; Dr. Mysterious; Leisure Suit Guy
#204 Hunger Or Games Hunger Or Games Let's find out what Virtual Gaming is all about -- in EBC #206, because there will be a What If comic before that one. Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#200 Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Here it is! One of the largest EBC strips to date. Photoshop automation and some Python scripting helped making the giant wall of comics (EBC #1 through #199), while our heroes were added by traditional digital drawing.

Please be patient, it may take a while to load.

200 strips are done, so let's raise our glasses for the next 200.

See you tomorrow!
Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#195 What If Pimple Faced Teen Worked In A Fancy Restaurant? What If Pimple Faced Teen Worked In A Fancy Restaurant? We all know that Jimmy Nesbitt works at the Burger Bar, among other things. But what if he were a waiter in a very fancy restaurant instead? Well, see for yourselves. Pimple Faced Teen; Restaurant Guest