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#210 No Spoilers, Please! No Spoilers, Please! A new guest strip by Leon. We're still hoping to find new guest strip artists, but haven't found any so far, so I guess Leon will go on doing some more guest strips during the next few weeks.

This one is about spoilers. Everybody hates spoilers, I guess, even though most of us don't choose measures as drastic as the disgruntled customer does. We wouldn't advocate her behavior, either.

M.G. Rosenfeld is a world-famous fantasy author from Cardiff, Wales. Her bestselling book series, "The Wizard School," is scheduled to have six volumes. Including the new one featured in this comic, the novels so far are:

1. The Wizard School (2010)

2. The Forbidden Forest (2012)

3. The Hidden Chamber (2014)

4. The Lost Realm (2016)

The fifth book is scheduled for 2018 and will probably be entitled "The Stolen Train."

Concerning fantasy novels, word is out that George R.R. Martin couldn't keep his deadline for the sixth book in his epic fantasy series, "A Song of Ice And Fire," entitled "The Winds of Winter." Here's his own blog post about it. Having enjoyed reading his books for a few years, part of me is a bit disappointed. On the other hand, I've known the dangers and pleasures of procrastination all too well and can't really blame the man. And at the end of the day, we all prefer a great book over a rushed one.

Completely unrelated, we went to the movies earlier today and finally watched Pixar's new feature film, "The Good Dinosaur." Being a huge fan of all things Pixar, I enjoyed this one as usual. It's both funny and emotional, as the works by this studio often are. The end of the movie was not the one I would have preferred, but of course I won't spoil it here in case you should own a pistol... Pixar's previous movie, "Inside Out," was at least as great as this one (I'm such a fanboy, ain't I?), and even more emotional. Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie by the fantastic YouTuber OnlyLeigh describes very well how we fans feel about the studio's works.

See you tomorrow!
Customer With Earphones; Customer With Huge Grin; Customer With Messy Hair; Customer With Orange Hair; Customer With Sunglasses; Female Customer; Shop Assistant
#200 Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Happy Anniversary With 199 Comics! Here it is! One of the largest EBC strips to date. Photoshop automation and some Python scripting helped making the giant wall of comics (EBC #1 through #199), while our heroes were added by traditional digital drawing.

Please be patient, it may take a while to load.

200 strips are done, so let's raise our glasses for the next 200.

See you tomorrow!
Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000
#190 A Time For Velociraptors A Time For Velociraptors A guest strip by my son Leon (thanks again!) It's two days late because it took him a while to finish it, but I think it was absolutely worth the wait. Tomorrow we'll resume with the regular EBC where Dr. Mysterious and his assistant are still in the year 2067.

Here's what Leon himself has to say about his comic:

"It's been a long time since I last had the pleasure of creating a guest strip. And I have to admit that I'm very excited. "Jurassic World" was one of my favorite movies this year, and I think that it received too much undeserved criticism.

In this comic we find Owen Grady showing off his raptors to a largely unimpressed audience, consisting of Claire and her nephews.

Owen's reaction to their behavior is not particularly pleasant, to say the least.

See you tomorrow!"
Blue; Charlie; Dearing, Claire; Delta; Echo; Grady, Owen; Mitchell, Gray; Mitchell, Zach
#180 Avengers Assemble Avengers Assemble "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight." The way we know Marvel, they won't let anyone stop them from throwing some books on the market during one of their ten events per years that are extremely hard to get your hands on and contain colorful, confusing crossovers. In extremely rare cases, you'll find characters in these crossovers that do not originate in the Marvel Universe, but for instance (like here) in the DCU. In this 180th EBC strip we meet Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) as a member of the Avengers.

I am very happy to have this guest strip by my son Leon, just a few days before the Avengers movie hits theaters!
#160 Be It Guest Strip Or Not Be It Guest Strip Or Not Welcome to the largest EBC strip ever! It's a day later than announced because it took some time to finish it.

NOTE: The image is too large to be displayed on the iPhone (and maybe other devices), so here's a mobile version. Use your browser's Back Button to return to the site. In the long run, I'll add a mobile site, but for now, this workaround will have to do. [UPDATE: There's an optional feature now for a comic to consist of more than one image. I used it here, and this should fix the problem for now.]

I asked my son to do a guest strip, but he didn't have an idea. So we asked ourselves what kinds of guest strips our friends from Metrotopia would create, and here are some of the results. Leon created all the guest strips, while I drew the background story.

First in line is Jerry Fallout who shows us a fine day he spent at the Metrotopia Zoo with his best friend, Spacebot 4000. As it seems, he's not that into orthography.

Next up is Jimmy Nesbitt a.k.a. Pimple Faced Teen with a classic hero story featuring... himself. Back in EBC #95, his name was given as "Nigel Nesbitt." Well, his full name is James Nigel Nesbitt, jr., and while he prefers to be called Jimmy in the Standard EBC universe, he goes by Nigel in the Alternate or "What If" universe. Fun fact: Once P.F.T. has mucles, he doesn't have pimples any more.

The third strip is by our hero Hype... ehm, Clyde Barker. He wants to distract his fellow Metrotopians from Hyperman's true identity. But must the glovemaker really be the one they're looking for if his fingerprints are found on the gloves he made?

Fat Zap buys a pencil and other equipment at the local toy store, and then he depicts himself as a racing dog who wins the race and gets a large bone. Well done, Fat Zap!

The last one is by the Weather Guys who introduce their latest member, Plane. They actually use Plane's condensation trails to draw their own, very Shakespearean, guest strip.

Some day, we might actually do a real Guest Strip Contest -- keep your eyes open.
Barker, Clyde; Cloud #1; Cloud #2; Cloud #3; Fallout, Jerry; Fat Zap; Lightning; Pimple Faced Teen; Sun
#140 Yet Another Mission for Hyperman Yet Another Mission for Hyperman Yet another guest strip by Leon. The TT are the remains of the Terrific Three after the Red Beetle disappeared. See my 24-hour Hyperman Comic for details. Barker, Clyde; T. Thomas Taylor
#130 The Traffic Circle The Traffic Circle Another star, another ... but wait, there is a mysterious circle and a sign. Nobody knows, what that is about. Expect Raybe the Robot.

A guest strip by my colleague Martin Kelm
Lighty; Mooni; Raybe
#120 La B.D. invitée La B.D. invitée "La B.D. invitée," short for "la bande dessinée invitée," is French for "Guest Strip." It's another guest strip by my son because the original author for the current guest strip let me down -- but hey, I suppose this one's much better! Guest Jerry Fallout; Guest Spacebot 4000
#110 The Fun Of Being An Ice-Cream Snobble The Fun Of Being An Ice-Cream Snobble Hello, you snobbles! Have you ever wished to be an ice-cream snobble? You could do whatever you felt like doing. And you'd get free ice-cream every day!

There's a terrible secret about the snobbles in this strip.
Guest Snobble
#90 Burger Bar Conquers The World Burger Bar Conquers The World We know him, we love him -- the employee of the Burger Bar in Metrotopia: Pimple Faced Teen. But he's not the only one. There are teenagers with pimpled faces and high-pitched voices all over the world, doing McJobs.

It's been a while since my son Leon did his previous guest strip: #40.
Dimitris Pimpolidis; Le Teen au visage pimples; Pimple Faced Snobble Teen; Sir James Pimples III; Teenager w pimliczky; Teenie O'Pimples
#80 The Lost Alien The Lost Alien "When I left my planet, I allowed my rookie colleague to enter the coordinates for my actual target. A nice person, but obviously, he forgot to enter the last digit which is very important on journeys of such a great distance. Everyone on our planet knows that this area where I crash-landed has been under quarantine for the last 58,145 Blib years. For the whole period, this planet which calls itself Earth has been sending signals to outer space continuously. The reason why our planet ignores all those signals is the result of our intense analysis of the species ruling this planet. So… that means I'm stranded here for a very long time because all technology existing on this planet won't help me to get back. All I can do is wait for the mistake to be discovered. But the Blib years which are usually very short, compared to years on Earth, will feel very long here. But I don't know whether I will survive until then. The people on this planet are unpredictable."

A guest strip by my wife, Tülay Kersken.

See you on Monday!
Lost Alien
#70 A Brief History of Microsoft's Clippy (Guest Strip) A Brief History of Microsoft's Clippy (Guest Strip) This comic, based on actual events and an eyewitness testimony by Bill Gates, provides us with a brief but in-depth look at the REAL life of Clippy- Microsoft's animated help crony.

A guest strip by Jonathan Manierre.
#60 Toy Robot and Rubick (Guest Strip) Toy Robot and Rubick (Guest Strip) Toy Robot isn't liked very much by the other toys. But this isn't his fault. His humor chip is not adjusted very well.

A guest strip by Tobias Ravenstein.
Rubick; Toy Robot
#40 Dr. Groening (Guest Strip) Dr. Groening (Guest Strip) Cool! Original EBC characters Carbon Dude (Jerry Fallout) and Metal Guy (Spacebot 4000) in a guest strip by Leon! Guest Jerry Fallout; Guest Spacebot 4000
#30 Guest Strip #3 Guest Strip #3 A guest strip by Leon. We care about our readers' health, and so they only think of their favorite songs instead of singing them aloud. Guest Rocker; Guest Scruffy; Guest Sideshow Bob; Guest Smoker
#20 Guest Strip #2 Guest Strip #2 Leon's second guest strip. Counting guys, snobbles, and a robot. Guest Guy #1; Guest Guy #2; Guest RM04; Guest Snobble
#10 Guest Strip Guest Strip The first guest strip, by Leon. Starring Doodle, the hero of the famous mobile game "Doodle Jump." Guest Doodle; Guest RM01; Guest Roddenberry #1; Guest Roddenberry #2