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No Spoilers, Please!

#210: No Spoilers, Please!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A new guest strip by Leon. We're still hoping to find new guest strip artists, but haven't found any so far, so I guess Leon will go on doing some more guest strips during the next few weeks.

This one is about spoilers. Everybody hates spoilers, I guess, even though most of us don't choose measures as drastic as the disgruntled customer does. We wouldn't advocate her behavior, either.

M.G. Rosenfeld is a world-famous fantasy author from Cardiff, Wales. Her bestselling book series, "The Wizard School," is scheduled to have six volumes. Including the new one featured in this comic, the novels so far are:

1. The Wizard School (2010)

2. The Forbidden Forest (2012)

3. The Hidden Chamber (2014)

4. The Lost Realm (2016)

The fifth book is scheduled for 2018 and will probably be entitled "The Stolen Train."

Concerning fantasy novels, word is out that George R.R. Martin couldn't keep his deadline for the sixth book in his epic fantasy series, "A Song of Ice And Fire," entitled "The Winds of Winter." Here's his own blog post about it. Having enjoyed reading his books for a few years, part of me is a bit disappointed. On the other hand, I've known the dangers and pleasures of procrastination all too well and can't really blame the man. And at the end of the day, we all prefer a great book over a rushed one.

Completely unrelated, we went to the movies earlier today and finally watched Pixar's new feature film, "The Good Dinosaur." Being a huge fan of all things Pixar, I enjoyed this one as usual. It's both funny and emotional, as the works by this studio often are. The end of the movie was not the one I would have preferred, but of course I won't spoil it here in case you should own a pistol... Pixar's previous movie, "Inside Out," was at least as great as this one (I'm such a fanboy, ain't I?), and even more emotional. Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie by the fantastic YouTuber OnlyLeigh describes very well how we fans feel about the studio's works.

See you tomorrow!

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She had it coming, that bitch! (Just kidding, but spoiling the plot ain't nice. It really isn't!)

Tags: Crime; Guest Strips

Characters: Customer With Earphones; Customer With Huge Grin; Customer With Messy Hair; Customer With Orange Hair; Customer With Sunglasses; Female Customer; Shop Assistant


[2016: Your favorite author has released a new book]

[After the queue has finally dissolved, you can get your copy]

Female customer: Hello, I'd like to buy this book by M.G. Rosenfeld.

Shop assistant: M.G. Rosenfeld? She's my favorite author! I love all her novels ever since I read "The Wizard School" In book 4, "The Lost Realm," Emma and Peter finally kiss each other after Gregory kills the leader of the Spider Tribe.

Shop assistant: Also, sadly, this is the book in which my favorite character dies: Angie Angelman. She gets killed by the Queen of Darkness. Or actually, by one of her henchmen. They throw her into a pit of acid. I cried during that scene. When Gregory looks her in the eyes one last time while she is being drowned... soooo sad!


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Friday, February 5, 2016

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