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??? (please read the description)

#199: ??? (please read the description)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What the hell is going on?! Has someone hacked our server and uploaded something even worse than our first comic? That's disturbing... even more disturbing than the fact that we're only one comic away from #200.

I think I'll upload the anniversary strip right after this one; it will definitely be better than this rubbish.

[click for hover]

If I catch the one who uploaded this, they'll be sent to the Wall!

Tags: Weird Stuff

Characters: Annoyed Grandma; Fat Flap; Fez Chicken; Ghost Face; Pigcow; Scarecrow Guy; Superbowl Snobble


Scarecrow Guy: Sidney?! [Wait a minute... do they mean a guy called Sidney? Or are they just unable to spell the name of the big Australian city correctly?]

Fez Chicken: Am I a chicken? [(sarcastically) Nooooooo... you're obviously a goldfish. Wait... no, you aren't. OF COURSE YOU'RE A FREAKING CHICKEN! AND A BADLY DRAWN ONE AT THAT!]

Ghost Face: What's up? [Well, I have to read this crap -- so thanks for asking.]

Superbowl Snobble: Weird All-Stars [oh yes, you and your bunch of freak friends definitely are weird. I'm not really on board for the All-Stars part though.]

Pig Cow: I am Pran Salan. [Oh, hello Mr. Salan. I'm honored. What's the news of the day? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! You may end up being Pran Salan's dinner, but you're definitely not him.]

Fat Flap [firing a pistol]: Bilbo [Mr. Baggins would rather fight the huge spiders of Mirkwood again than facing the likes of you. I'm sorry, but you're even weirder than Fat Zap.]

Annoyed Grandma: Empachc [Does she even know what she's doing the commercial for? What is this Empachc stuff? Some weird new drug? Some pretentious comfort food? Or just some night lounge in New Jersey?]

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, and I hereby deny any association with it. The person responsible for this mess should answer to you if you have any complaints. Or just shrug and wait for the next installment of EBC.]


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Friday, February 5, 2016

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