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Put Your Breakfast Where Your Mouth Is

#219: Put Your Breakfast Where Your Mouth Is

Friday, February 12, 2016

So, here's the new comic. Jerry is STILL hungry after all the food he had for breakfast. Something pretty serious seems to be going on, so Spacebot may be right in worrying. And they still keep saying the same things they've been talking about for a few strips. This has to stop, and it will, I promise. The next comic, however, will be a guest strip by Leon.

Good night.

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Wait, did they just leave without paying? How will Terry, Monty, and the doctor even know?

Tags: Food; Jerry & Spacebot; Time Travel

Characters: Fallout, Jerry; Spacebot 4000


[The next morning...]

Jerry Fallout: That was the best breakfast I've ever had. I love pancakes, they rock!
Spacebot 4000: They remind me too much of French crêpes, Jerry. I'm worried.

Jerry: Ugh... no, there's no need to worry, Spacebot. Hey, it's nice of you that ya worry 'bout me, but I feel pretty good. Had a good night of sleep and great breakfast.

Spacebot: What's up? Does your stomach hurt because you've eaten too much?
Jerry: Naaah... just a lil' hungry, that's all!


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