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Would Upgrading To The Full Version Help? (The Big Fight, Part II)

#163: Would Upgrading To The Full Version Help? (The Big Fight, Part II)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poor Jerry... he can't read a several-hundred-page ebook now to learn how to fight because the real gladiators will defeat him in less that a thousandth of the time necessary. So he starts up his lightsaber app and hopes for the best. He couldn't upgrade to the full version, of course, because the App Store is more than two thousand years away. And it wouldn't help anyway, because the full version only offers more lightsaber colors and two-handed lightsabers.

We had a lot of fun last Sunday: There was a Christmas Comics event at a local comic book store. I was even asked to dress up as Santa (and did so), and gave away some EBC Christmas Cards. You'll be able to see them in the Other Stuff section in a few minutes, and even download them as PDFs.

The next strip will be up on Thursday because tomorrow we'll see a live show by J.B.O., a German Comedy Metal Band I already recommended back in EBC #125. There'll also be another "What If" strip on Friday, and I'll try to keep the schedule next week.

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"I'll use a red Sith model because it will scare them even more!"

Tags: Jerry & Spacebot; Time Travel

Characters: Fallout, Jerry


Jerry Fallout: Okay, time for something different!
[Ebooks on his iPhone matching the search term "fight": "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu, "Kung Fu For Dummies," and "War & Peace," probably by Tolstoy.]
Jerry Fallout: Reading takes too long! So let's try this: the Ultimate Weapon!


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