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Happy 50th Issue!

#50: Happy 50th Issue!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally, a (small) anniversary: EBC #50! So everyone is here who has been featured in this webcomic from #1 through #49. Most of them are even in order of appearance, just a few have been put where they seemed to fit best. The Weather Guys, of course (also featuring in yesterday's comic), are on top of the whole picture, in the sky. And they're all celebrating and having fun.

All guest strip characters have been drawn by Leon because he did these guest strips in the first place. That's why some characters are there more than once (as you may have seen, they also appear twice in the character list, once as "$characterName" and once as "Guest $characterName." And, of course, those who have more than one identity appear twice (such as Hyperman/Clyde Barker or RM01/Chief RM01).

Have fun, and I'll see you on Monday with the conclusion of the "To Be Continued" story arc from comics #47 and #48.

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Hey, what's that? Pimple Faced Teen's Mom is looking at Sideshow Bob like... she admires or adores him?!

Tags: Anniversaries; Burger Bar; Jerry & Spacebot; Robots; Superheroes; Weather Guys

Characters: Badman; Bailey, Con; Ball Guy; Banana; Barker, Clyde; Batman; Bauer, Jack; Bedman; Bender Bending Rodriguez; Bike; Bowser; Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; Captain America; Chief RM01; Chief Train; Chinese Curlhead; Chinese Jack Thompson; Chinese RM01; Chinese Snobble; Cloud #1; Cloud #2; Cloud #3; Colani, Professor Peter; Colosal Rabbit; Comic Nerd; Cube Guy; Curlhead; Curly Guy; Doodle #1; Doodle #2; Dr. Lucky; Dr. Monroe; Evil Hippie Shaker, The; Fallout, Jerry; Fallout, Mrs.; Fat Zap; Ferrari; Firefox; Flick; Flower; Fluffy; Foward, Captain Jonathan J.; Fry, Philip J.; Gangster; Georges des Champingnons; Gigaman; Giorgio di Funghi; Gorilla Electronique, Le; Guest Doodle; Guest Guy #1; Guest Guy #2; Guest Jerry Fallout; Guest RM01; Guest RM04; Guest Rocker; Guest Roddenberry #1; Guest Roddenberry #2; Guest Scruffy; Guest Sideshow Bob; Guest Smoker; Guest Snobble; Guest Spacebot 4000; Handsome Guy; Hippie; Hulk; Hyperman; Iron Man; Isabelle; Kersken, Leon; Kersken, Sascha; King; Knight of Lockwood; Lamb; Lamp; Less Handsome Guy; LOL; Loverman, Harry; M.O.M.; Magic Mirror; Mantar Georg; Martian George; Mary; Masked Swordman, The; Mexicano; Mr. Iceblock; Muffy; Mushroom George; Nadana, Lana Nana; Noodle; Palmer, David; Pants; Penny; Pimple Faced Teen; Pimple Faced Teen's Mom; Poodle; Punk Rocker; Pyramid Guy; Rainbow; Ranglow, Paul; RC06; Ricky; RM01; RM04; ROFL; ROFLMAO; Salan, Pran; Schwammerl Schorsch; Scruffy; Sermon; Simpson, Bart; Simpson, Homer J.; Snobble; Snupfen; Spacebot 4000; Spider-Man; Sun; Sunshine, Annabel; Super Fry; Super Homer; Super Leela; Super Lisa; Superman; Thompson, Jack; Thor; Trousers; Tux; User of the Stairway to Heaven; Wayne, Miranda; Williams, Breath; Window; Wolverine; Yun Qiaozhi


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Friday, February 5, 2016

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