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100 Characters From 100 Comics

#100: 100 Characters From 100 Comics

Sunday, August 7, 2011

All of the characters celebrating EBC #100 in the Metrotopia Amphitheater are from the Other Stuff section. The long description, detailing each character, will follow tomorrow night because this thing already took the whole weekend to draw.

Update -- here's the description/character list I promised (it took a day longer because the Other Stuff items didn't have individual URLs before):

Above/behind the arena, we can see Jerry Fallout as Superman and Spacebot 4000 as Batman from the Energy Brain League, followed by the real Batman and the real Superman (in their original colors this time; they can also be found here and even here).

In the top row of the arena itself, from left to right: Spider-Man, Dr. Mankid and his assistant, Zombie Punk, Pimple Faced Teen as Green Lantern and Terry Boldface as Flash, Hulk: White, Monty and Gilbert Fallout.

2nd row of the arena (from top, left to right): Tux and Snowball from Supertux, Toaster Dragon, Mortimer Watson and his butler Henry, Cthulhu, the unmarried non-couple, and the Fantastic Four (Reed Richards, Susan Storm-Richards, Johnny Storm R.I.P., Ben Grimm). Mr. Fantastic is snatching popcorn from a guy in the row in front of him...

3rd row: The video game characters Lara Croft, Mario (holding his plumber thing under her nose!), Pac-Man, Link, Pinky the Ghost (tickled by Link), Donkey Kong, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The rest of the row is occupied by the TOS vs. TNG guys: Undecided guy, TOS guy (doesn't he look like Ned Flanders?), Voyager guy, and TNG guy.

4th row: Pirate Santa, Police Chief Train (also in EBC#27 and #28), the Dancing Rabbitz, the Rock Band (drummer, guitar player, singer), and news anchor Pran Salan dressed as James Bond. Why the heck is the drummer slapping the Willy Millowitsch rabbit?

5th row: Jack Thompson, Leon Kersken, Mr. Sushi (wondering where Kasper the Clown is), Diver and Gourmet Crocodile, the Mouth Guy (receiving cereals using his special method), the Nerd who wants to be a hero, Yoshi, Sascha Kersken, Math Nerd and Cookie Monster.

6th row: Snobble-headed man, or snobble dressed as a man, Giovanni/Pizza Man, Sid, Manny, and Diego from Ice Age (with the ice-cream from "Ice Age 4: Straciatella"), Mr. Iceblock from Supertux (see EBC #25), and the International Guys (Hiroshi Yamamoto from Japan, John Jackson from the United States, Sir Edward Overlord III from the United Kingdom, Jean-Luc Delacour from France, and Hermann von Strotz from Germany).

7th row: Centboy and Dollarman, Doodle and "Roddenberry" from Doodle Jump, two Snobbles (Dr. Snobble and Dobedobedo Snobble), two strange Eye Guys, the Falling Guy, the Fit Body Man, the stick figure, and another strange guy.

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I never thought Reed Richards was something like a prankster...

Tags: Anniversaries; Comics; Jerry & Spacebot; Superheroes


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