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Halloween Special, Part 1/5

#150: Halloween Special, Part 1/5

Monday, October 31, 2011

This is part 1 of a five-part Halloween special, published during the week. Then on Saturday, I'll do the What If #155 to be back on schedule.

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"One week later, Mr. Schultz moved away from our neighborhood. No-one knows why..."

Tags: Halloween; Holidays; Horror; Jerry & Spacebot

Characters: Fallout, Jerry; Fat Zap; Spacebot 4000


Jerry: Stupid TV show! Back in the old days, Halloween was so much cooler. Like...
Jerry [in panel caption]: ...when I was 10 years old. We had that creepy, unfriendly neighbor who would never give us anything...
Fat Zap [as a little boy]: Trick or cheat?!
Mr. Schultz [the neighbor]: Push off, slackers, or I'll call the cops!
Jerry [in panel caption]: So we had to play him the ultimate prank. Throwing eggs against his door or putting a bag of burning dog poop in front of it wouldn't do. I thought out a master plan. First, we installed a bucket of glue.
[Jerry as a small boy rings at Mr. Schultz's door]: Drrriiiing!
[Mr. Schultz opens the door, and he's soon covered by glue. In front of him, there's a banana peel.]
Mr. Schultz: Aaaaaargh!
[Mr. Schultz slides on the cover of the glue bucket, the banana peel, and a lot of glue towards an open manhole. Then, he falls into the manhole].
Mr. Schultz: Aaaaaargh!
[To be continued...]


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