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Where Does Our Money Go?

#194: Where Does Our Money Go?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Interesting what can happen with an electronic-only monetary system, and even more interesting how effectively the E-Police seems to handle it. Also check out the song of the same name by Dutch composer Arjen Lucassen.

Paychips come in different flavors, depending on a customer's yearly income:

- Basic (below $10,000)

- Aluminium ($10,000-$19,999)

- Bronze ($20,000-39,999)

- Silver ($40,000-$59,999)

- Gold ($60,000-$99,999)

- Platinum ($100,000 and above)

The higher levels allow their users to have a higher charge and/or credit limit, much like credit cards in our time. Every citizen is entitled to a Paychip and can collect it for free at the city council, at banks, the Post Office, and so on.

While drawing this, we listened to Coldplay's brand new album, "A Head Full of Dreams." It's definitely their most pop-influenced album to date, and while I think it's not bad and will grow on the listener, "Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends" is still their best album, in my opinion. Leon introduced the band to me some weeks ago, after we got interested in them for their hilarious Red Nose Day clip, "Game of Thrones The Musical". Before that, I used to mock them for being just a "slower U2." I knew nothing.

I'll start drawing this week's last comic right now, and it will probably be uploaded today.

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Rumors have it that there is a Uranium Paychip for billionaires. But as it turns out, the rumors were just made up by the Internet Mafia.

Tags: Computing; Crime; Economics; Time Travel

Characters: 80s Moviegoer who looks like Jerry; Boldface, Terry; Dr. Mysterious


[Text on the Self-Service Banking Terminal:
Charge Paychip
Current account balance:
+ 13,651,281.92 $
Current chip balance:
+ 0.00 $
Charge: 0-5,000
Monty Fallout: How come you're so rich, doctor?
Dr. Mysterious: Well, 56 years of interest can do quite a lot.

Charge Paychip
Your bank account has been hijacked by Somalian pirates. The E-Police is currently tracking them down. This may take a few minutes.]
Dr. Mysterious: But I must admit that I did have a few... Oh... wow! They're really fast in the future.

Your bank account has been hijacked.
Please wait...
Thanks for your patience.]

Dr. Mysterious: That was quite an experience!
Monty [excited]: And the floor changed its color!


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Friday, February 5, 2016

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